Deer Hunting

In general, all deer hunting at Buck Run is done from elevated stands or tower blinds from heights of 12 to 24 feet. All stands are strategically located over natural food plots and agricultural fields of soybeans/peas, wheat/rye and corn, or in prime hardwood flats and bottoms where deer frequently feed, scrape and rub. Shots generally range from 30 - 75 yards in wooded areas and up to 300 yards on agricultural fields. Rifles of .243 minimum caliber are required and should be zeroed at 100 yards. After arrival and before any hunting activity takes place, each guest will be required to check his rifle zero at our sight range!


Even though temperatures in late August and early September are quite warm, hunters have an excellent opportunity to bag velvet-antlered deer of all sizes, many in the trophy class. Traditionally, the opening of deer season on August 15th annually offers tremendous whitetail deer hunting when deer activity is at one of the highest levels of the year. During this time of year, whitetail bucks are known to travel and feed in groups of two or more. Sightings of 8 -10 together are not uncommon.

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