Frequently Asked Questions


With more than 30 years of hosting hunters, we just may already know what you’re wondering. We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we have been asked and answered them below. Of course, if there’s something that’s not clear or something you’d like some more information about, please reach out to us!

We’re here to help!

After contacting Buck Run and picking your hunt dates a 50% non-refundable deposit is due to confirm your spot. You can mail a check within 10 days of your invoice receipt or you can use a credit card (a 3.5% fee will apply). Should conflicts arise due to personal problems, illness, illness to others, jobs, or natural disasters, etc. your deposit can be transferred to a later hunt during the same hunting season provided there is availability.

Deposits are not transferable to other hunters or to hunts that take place in a future hunting season.

Your balance is due upon arrival in cash or by credit card (a 3.5% fee will apply). If you would like to pay your balance by check we must receive your check 2 weeks prior to your hunt date.

All hunts include the following:

  • Lodging
  • Field transportation
  • Game storage & quartering for traveling home
  • Linens, towels and soap
  • Snack bars, fruit & trail mix
  • Continental breakfast
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Coffee
  • Orange juice & milk
  • Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea and Lemonade
  • Shooting range to check your zero on your rifle
Things to bring on your hunt:
  • Cooler to store personal drinks and food during your stay (refrigerator in lodge is for Buck Run staff only)
  • Medications that need refrigeration will be stored by Buck Run
  • Bottled water & soda
  • Alcohol (only permitted after the evening hunt)
  • Coolers for your game (100 quart cooler will hold 2 quartered deer)
  • Bug spray
  • Thermacell
  • Rifle of .243 caliber or larger with 50mm scope zeroed at 100 yards
  • Extra ammunition of the same make, model and grain
  • Range finder
  • Binoculars (optional)
  • Rain gear
  • Flashlight / headlamp
  • Toiletries
  • Rubber boots
  • Standard boots
  • Snake boots or gators (August – October)
  • Sandbag

You will arrive at Buck Run after 3pm the day before your hunt. You’ll be greeted by the Buck Run team who will show you around the lodge and take you to your room. You will have in your room a copy of the rules and regs and a liability waiver that will be signed prior to shooting your gun at the range. Once you unload your vehicle, you’ll make your way to the shooting range where you will be assisted in checking your rifles zero at 100 yards. This is a great time to meet the other hunters and get to know the staff. After all hunters shoot at the range you’ll have an opportunity to go over the rule book and get settled in before dinner.

Dinner will be served the first evening and after dinner Bobby will hold an orientation with all the hunters to go over the rules, answer any questions you may have and collect your hunt balance. Before Bobby and his staff leave for the evening he will give everyone a departure time for the morning.

The first morning Bobby and his staff will arrive before your departure time and instruct each hunter on which guide will be dropping them off at their stand. Critical information on the stand location and historical deer movement for that location will be provided by Bobby and his team in an effort to better your success. A pre-determined pick up time will be given while on the way to your stand.

Upon pickup at your stand you will be brought back to the lodge to prepare for brunch / lunch. After eating you will have the afternoon free to relax around the lodge and have access to cable TV, wifi, and our long range shooting facility. Departure time for the evening hunt will be provided at this time.

The evening hunt will follow similar guidelines to the morning hunt with the same type of information provided as the morning hunt. Once the evening hunt is completed you’ll be brought back to the lodge to prepare for dinner. Once dinner is finished, you’ll be free to relax and enjoy the fellowship.


Non-Resident License Fees

  • 3-day: $40
  • 10-day: $75
  • Annual: $125
  • Big Game Permit: $100 *Required in addition to your non-resident license for deer and turkey
  • Turkey Tags: $100
  • Buck Tags:
    • First tag: $50
    • Each addition tag: $20 each
      • You can purchase a total of 4 buck tags (2 unrestricted and 2 restricted)
        • Unrestricted tags allow the hunter to harvest any legal buck
        • Restricted tags allow the hunter to harvest any buck with 4 points on one side OR a 12″ inside spread

All anterless deer tags will be provided by Buck Run