We offer early season hunts for velvet antlered bucks, and during the regular season you can harvest four per hunt! Our season runs from August 15th thru January 1st annually, offering the longest and most liberal deer season in the entire nation. We combine unbelievable deer hunting opportunities with great accommodations and incredible food. Buck Run Hunting Lodge is the adventure you're looking for!

Located in Hampton County, South Carolina, where whitetail deer populations and harvests have traditionally been number one or two statewide throughout the history of deer hunting, Buck Run Hunting Lodge offers the serious whitetail hunter an experience he will never forget!

Click on the Play arrow to watch the video of a group of velvet antlered bucks in one of our fields in August!  

South Carolina Deer and Wild Turkey Hunting.


We have an amazingly long deer season beginning in mid-August and continuing through January 1. Our velvet buck season is one of the most popular (see video). Ranking right at the top with the August hunts are the Mid-October to mid- November rut hunts. Hunter’s average from 1.25 to 3.25 deer per hunt depending on the number of days hunted.

We hunt over 7,000 acres with 125 different stands located over prime hardwood bottoms, agricultural fields, swamps and timberland. All stands are metal fabricated and designed to hold from 1 to 3 hunters depending on the situation. You will never see the same one twice. All hunts are by reservation only! Whether you are booking a deer or turkey hunt, reservations are limited to 6-8 persons per deer hunt and 4 persons per turkey hunt. Be sure to check out our Big Buck Photo Album for photos of some of our hunter’s harvests.

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March Report

The month of March every year is a special time at Buck Run. We are always anxiously awaiting the opening of Turkey Season. We started out the season this year on youth weekend harvesting a beautiful opening morning gobbler. From there we had our first group of hunters come in on the 30th. Hard weather and hens played havoc, but our veteran hunters were able to have 100% success. We have another group coming in on Easter and it should be great!

After that we will be heading south for The Florida Outdoor Expo April 23rd-25th.You can also check out on our social media for regular updates as well. If you are interested in a deer hunt for this coming season give us a call or shoot us an email.  You won’t want to miss out, hunts are booking up fast. 

Stay safe and Healthy! 




Our August hunters last year were all using custom made ATG Rifles!
Maybe you should be shooting an ATG Rifle too?

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(What a great deer)

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(You really need to see this one full size)

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